jskycat is the application that ties together all of the JSky classes. As the name suggests, jskycat is modeled after the Skycat application and implements many of the same features, which include:

  • Ability to load, save, print, and display images in FITS, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and other formats
  • Image operations (zoom, pan, manipulate the colormap, set cut levels, ...)
  • World coordinates support, convert between pixel and WCS coordinates
  • WCS grid overlay
  • Support for compressed FITS images (gzip, H-compress)
  • Access local and web based astronomical catalogs and image servers, including VO (Virtual Observatory) services and registries
  • Support for local catalogs and editing catalog tables (in FITS, Skycat or VOTable format)
  • Plot the results of catalog searches as image overlays
  • Draw and rotate graphics interactively on the image
  • Save graphics and catalog query results in FITS tables with the image, for later redisplay
  • Communicate with other applications via SAMP or PLASTIC

See the file jsky.pdf and the JSky API documentation in the download section for more details.